Farmers will not end their agitation because of Coronavirus- Rakesh Tikait

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, May 21
In a country where there is corona virus pandemic and black fungus going on, the farmers’ agitation against the agricultural laws continues and they are still sitting on the protest site. Everywhere there is a demand for the farmers protest to terminate. There are a lot of people present here in the protest and the government has also appealed to the farmers to end the agitation or postpone it for some time. Meanwhile, Bhartiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait has said that the Kisan Andolan will not end until the demands of the farmers are not met. Tikait tweeted that the Kisan Andolan will now come to an end only after the three black laws of agriculture will be repealed and the law of MSP will be enacted. Earlier, speaking to media, Tikait said that, as many journalists or police personnel have been died due to corona, no one had came to the protest site. Tikait said the path of illness goes to the hospital and the path of agitation goes to Parliament. Tikait said that no farmer is corona positive in the agitation. “The government should get rid of the illusion in its mind that we will retreat because of Corona and end the agitation,” Tikait said.

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