Farmers victory in Hisar: cases filed against farmers will be withdrawn

The Fact News Service
Hisar, May 25
Today, thousands of farmers unitedly gathered in Hisar against the atrocities on the farmers by the Haryana government. Since yesterday, the Haryana government tried to threaten the farmers through the heavy deployment of the police force and the RAF, but the farmers’ spirits were high and thousands of them came in tractors, cars, jeeps and trucks. The government also wants to make a fight between jawans and farmers through this process. The farmers gathered at the Krantiman Park in Hisar and announced to gherao the Hisar Commissionerate. Despite all the attacks and conspiracies of the administration to defame the farmers, the administration had to call a meeting immediately due to the pressure of such a large number of farmers. In this meeting, a delegation of farmers including local leaders of Hisar and senior leaders of SKM were invited. In the meeting with the administration, the farmers’ demands were accepted and the administration apologized for the May 16 police action. Mainly 3 decisions were taken in this meeting. 1. Police cases filed against farmers related to the incident of 16 May will be withdrawn. 2. An eligible member of the family of farmer Ramachandra, who was martyred in today’s panchayat, will be given a government job by the district administration. 3. The recovery of the damaged vehicles of the farmers, which were attacked by the police, will be done by the administration. Today, Ramchandra Ji, a farmer of Ulagan village, was martyred after a heart attack in the meeting organized in Krantiman Park. Samyukta Kisan Morcha salutes his martyrdom in this movement. Haryana government has been continuously maligning the farmers. The farmers have also been accused of spreading corona. We want to clarify that due to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, the corona is being spread in the state. If the farmers have gone on strike, they have done so on the arrival of the Chief Minister. If the Chief Minister himself stops the rhetoric and false cases against the farmers and controls Corona properly, then the farmers will not get out on the roads like this. All BJP and JJP leaders including Haryana Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister provoke farmers for all these movements. So that farmers can be accused of corona and attention can be taken away from poor health management to blaming farmers. Samyukta Kisan Morcha salutes all the farmers, labourers and people of Haryana who are constantly fighting against the oppression of the Haryana government. We hope that the farmers of Haryana will keep this passion going forward. We also appeal to the central government that instead of defaming the farmers, they should withdraw the three agricultural laws and enact a law on MSP. Then the farmers will automatically go back to their homes. But the government is not intentionally fulfilling the demand of the farmers. Even when the government was not able to manage oxygen and ICU beds, the farmers sitting on the Delhi border were accused. Farmers had already opened the way for emergency services so that propaganda of the government did not work. Now that the government is completely failed to control the pandemic, it wants to shift the burden on the farmers, which will not succeed. Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha’s birthday was celebrated gloriously on all the borders of Delhi. Kartar Singh Sarabha encouraged the people for independence and social transformation. The participation of thousands and millions of youth in this movement is proof that the people of the country respect the views of Kartar Singh Sarabha. Kartar Singh Sarabha encourages us to fight unitedly for the country and society. The victory of this movement will be a true tribute to Kartar Singh Sarabha. Budhpurnima will be celebrated on 26 May on all the farmers dharnas of the country including the borders of Delhi. Mahatma Buddha, who propagated the path of peace and truth, has always shown the path of progress. All three laws brought by the government fully advocate oppression and inequality and regression. This farmers movement is completely peaceful and is being fought for the truth. The farmers movement has completed the peaceful 6 months. Buddha Purnima will be celebrated on the morning of 26 May on all farmer protest sites around Delhi and the thoughts of Mahatma Buddha will be propagated. On the call of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, on the completion of 6 months of the farmers movement and the completion of 7 years of the Modi government at the centre, many workers’ organizations, democratic organizations and many parties have supported the protest day. The protest day of 26 May will intensify the voice against the oppressive policies of the government. Whereas on the one hand, farmers are struggling for 6 months on the borders of Delhi, keeping themselves strong in every situation in every season, in contrast, the Modi government at the centre has been deeply exploiting every section of society including farmers for the last 7 years. All the democratic organizations of the country will celebrate 26 May as a protest day and will give a direct message to the central government that in a democracy, it is the people who are superior, not the governments.

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