Farmers should take special precautions to protect wheat from fire

The Fact News Service
Sangrur, April 8
To protect wheat from fire, the farmer brother should take special precautions. In case of any problem related to electricity, contact with the concerned office immediately. These views were expressed by the Deputy Chief Engineer Ratna Kumar Mittal of Punjab State Shakti Corporation Limited. Mittal said that harvester combiners should be run only on time today to prevent wheat from fire incidents and that the sparks emanating from harvesters’ men should be taken care of. He said that the Combine should be avoided by not colliding with the poles, electric wires. He told that the cut wheat under electric wires or transformer and G.O. Do not be placed near Savich and one marla wheat around the transformer is already cut. He said that if there is a spark from an electric line, then the information related to this is immediately related to the P.C.P.C.L. Staff of, J.E. or to be given on telephone ‘to the Sub Divisional Officer. He said that any un-empowered person should get G.I. The switch should not be allowed and the electric line should not be touched with bamboo or sticks. He said that firewood or pulse of chopped wheat should not be set on fire, nor should any laborers near wheat be allowed to drink beedi cigarettes. He said that the 10-meter enclosure around the transformer in the fields should be kept wet so that even if a spark falls, it can be prevented from fire with it. He said that the electric stars should be lowered and the information about the electric support can be sent immediately by putting the location and the location of the control room along with the photos of the supporting room and the complaint room along with the complaint house and the complaint room. Contact can also be made. He informed that telephone number 1912 ‘related to the complaint about power spillage and can be contacted.