‘Farmers should leave their insistence and adopt the path of dialogue’

The Fact News Service
Sonipat, June 2
Female wrestler turned politician Babita Phogat has advised the three anti-agriculture agitators to stay away from politics. She termed the protest during her entry into his village Dadri as wrong. Babita was in tears while talking about the fierce protest by the agitators while going to the village with her son. Babita said, farmers cannot do such an act, it is being done on the behest of the opposition. If he were a farmer, he would not have blocked the way of talks and would not have insisted. BJP leader Babita said that the agricultural agitators should leave their insistence and adopt the path of dialogue. Explaining the shortcomings of the law, the government should make a proposal. Babita became emotional while talking to the journalists about the movement of the agitators. She said that when I won medals, I did not win for any one region or one society. Today, sticks are being thrown at hers car, abusing is being done. Farmers can never really do such a thing. Wrestler turned politician Babita Phogat faced the ire of agitating farmers in a village of Charkhi Dadri on Sunday, when she had gone to address public meetings in a few villages of the district. Babita, who joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2019, but lost her first election, has been appointed as the chairperson of Haryana Women Development Corporation by the Manohar Lal Khattar government in 2020. She had gone to the villages as part of the party’s “Seva Hi Sangathan” program to mark the seventh anniversary of the Narendra Modi government in the Centre.

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