Farmers and IMA strongly oppose Baba Ramdev’s arrival in Bhiwani

The Fact News Service
Bhiwani, June 8
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who reached Bhiwani in Haryana, was strongly opposed. The Indian Medical Association and farmers’ organizations showed black flags to Ramdev and strongly opposed him. Meanwhile, black flags were shown to Baba Ramdev. They chanted slogans against Ramdev’s controversial statement and demanded his arrest. Let’s say that Ramdev came here to attend a program. Dr. Karan Punia, State President, Indian Medical Association, Haryana, said that Baba Ramdev had made misleading remarks against the people providing health services. He demanded that Baba Ramdev be tried for treason. He is misrepresenting allopathy by making false statements against reputable doctors. Dr. Karan Punia says that Swami Ramdev is doing all this to promote his goods.

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