Family Made Ruckus In Private Hospital After Hospital Administration Demands 44 Thousand For PPE Kit

The Fact News Service,
Karnal, May 26,
The plunder of private hospitals continues during the Corona period. A similar case came up in Karnal, Haryana. In a private hospital situated on GT Road, the family members of the Covid-19 patient were shocked by the cost of the PPE kit in the bill. After this, the family created a ruckus. Family members allege that their patient has made more bills in the hospital and when he starts talking about the bill, he has also been pushed. The hospital administration, however, is dismissing the allegations of pandemonium as baseless. The patient’s family said that his patient came positive 21 days ago. Three tests were done for the patient, out of which two reports were negative and one positive. Due to ill health, he took his patient to a private hospital on GT Road. His patient underwent treatment for about 21 days. When he asked for the bill from the hospital, the charge of the PPE kit was charged two thousand rupees every day, which became 44 thousand rupees. Family members say that the hospital administration has cheated them by making more bills.  

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