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Every Friday should be observed as a dry day to prevent dengue: DC Amritsar

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Amritsar, September 13

With the intention of preventing the spread of dengue in the district and eradicating the mosquitoes that cause it, Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Singh Khaira. Meeting of the Dengue Task Force was held. The Deputy Commissioner said that every Friday should be observed as a dry day to avoid dengue and challans should be issued at the places where dengue larvae are found.

They instructed the Health , Municipal Corporation and other authorities to stop the spread of dengue at all costs this time and give more emphasis on spraying of medicine in the affected areas last year. He said that the responsibility of the concerned department would be determined for this. Due to the high prevalence of this mosquito in the city, he clarified to the officials of the Municipal Corporation that wherever the health department says, the mosquito repellent should be sprayed immediately.  He also asked the education department to make the students in the schools aware about the symptoms and prevention of dengue.

Civil Surgeon Amritsar Dr. Charanjit Singh addressing the meeting. He said that so far 276 suspected dengue cases were found in zileha, including incompatibility found 251 cases. And so far this year, 503 challans have been issued for dengue larvae . He said that the city is formed corporation with the responsibility that he would not be standing water and where water stands, there periodically organized medicine spray.

On this occasion District Malaria Officer Dr. Madan Mohan. The dengue mosquito thrives in clean water and the water that remained standing for seven days, the mosquito grows there. It is important that we can stand water in homes, shops, offices and other places, and have extra equipment, rain, etc., continue to clear him. Also, change the water in coolers, pots or bottled water every week . He said that the dengue mosquitoes are streaks on the bigger body than normal mosquitoes. It bites in the morning or evening and also stings sharply. This is usually the curtains, photo frames, tables and chairs and other cold places below.

Symptoms after Dengue Outbreak – District Malaria Officer Dr. Madan said that when a dengue mosquito bites, it causes high fever and eye pain. In this condition only paracetamol can be given, do not take any other medicine. He said that dengue does not matter if patients drink more fluids dangers cutting mosquitoes.

Dr. Madan argued that we should all be broken pots, pot on your home or commercial organizations, water cooler, let it be worn tires, do not stand in the water, etc. for small holes, and birds made in the lid of the gutters and cooler Also change the water of Aad every 7 days. It can prevent dengue , chikungunya , malaria etc. Dr. “We need to be more vigilant as dengue cases have come to light this winter as well,” Madan said.

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