Environment Society of Chandigarh starts Khas Muhim Bowl of Love

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 29,
These days the heat is at its peak. In such a situation many water sources have started drying up. In summer, birds die due to a lack of water. Keeping this in mind, the Environment Society of Chandigarh has started the Khas Muhim Bowl of Love. The Environment Society of India is also supporting this work. Under this mission, people are made aware to keep bowls of water for the animals and birds and the birds are being kept at the place for the birds. In this task, a team of 20 people is working in the entire city. This team is going door-to-door to make people aware, as well as keeping the streets at markets, squares, and light points. The general public is also supporting this campaign. Soils are also being distributed by the society to the people of the city, so that daily grain and water can be kept for the animals and birds. Muhim started in the city on May 17. NK Jhingan, Secretary of the Environment Society of India, said that this is a different type of mission in Chandigarh where people will be made aware from house to house. He said that this mission started on May 17, under which more than 30 Kasore have been kept in places other than Sector-17. Under the Bowl of Love campaign, people associated with the organization are making the general public aware of water-filled mud gourd on the courtyard and roof of their homes for animal-birds, so that the birds and animals thirst in summer Do not have to worry.

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