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Election results to state assemblies have proven that arrogance eventually faces defeat

Harjap Singh Aujla
On paper India enjoys a massive democracy, which is the biggest in the world, but in actuality it is the strong man behind the gun who’s write prevails. Immediately after attaining freedom, we had generated a fare leadership, which espoused the true spirit of democracy, secularism and federalism. But after the original leadership of freedom fighters is long dead and the present leadership emerging out of stock market manipulations has started asserting in an autocratic capitalistic manner, the opinion of the silent majority has no significance for the corporate friendly power drunk people enjoying absolute authority due to a thoroughly pliant press and an equally timid bureaucracy. By nature we the Indians are highly submissive and the politicians are exploiting our tendencies to capitulate to the whims and fancies of the people in power. The Punjab led farmers agitation has the support of the majority of the population in North Indian states. These farmers have been agitating on the borders of Delhi for more than six months now, but the government, which has tailor made the recently legislated agricultural marketing laws for the convenience of and benefit of a few super rich corporate houses, is not in a mood of budging. This is highly conceited government does favour a few preferred business tycoons at the expense of majority of population connected with the agricultural profession. This reputation of arrogance and lack of concern for the public at large has travelled to far away West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The result of anger of the public is in front of us. The BJP ruling at the centre has lost decisively in all three politically enlightened states. The only wins it has registered are against the former ruling dispensation, the Grand Old Party (Indian National Congress) in Assam and the tiny Puducherry. The present crop of leadership of the Congress is getting notoriety for being laid back and lackadaisical in functioning and it sadly lacks the killer instinct seen in the ruling leadership of West Bengal and Kerala. In Kerala, the BJP, the ruling party at the centre was almost decimated, though it was all along boasting about putting up an impressive show. In Tamil Nadu too, it was almost wiped out. The BJP used all its influence over the supposed to be autonomous election commission to spread a normal one day statewide poll in West Bengal into eight excruciatingly arduous phases spread over a month so that the big boss of the BJP could personally campaign in most of the state and use its money and muscle. The National Election Commission of India, which in the past used to exercise its absolute authority during the electioneering, was manipulated to the hilt to achieve its partisan goal. The people of West Bengal realised the clever game and opposed this move, thereby inflicting a crushing defeat on the cash rich central ruling party. It exhibits the maturity of the electorate and fierce independence of all and sundry among the Bengalis. The Bengalis by nature are leaning slightly towards the left, if not a whole lot. Its philosophers like Rabindra Nath Tagore were by no means rightists. Geographically West Bengal is a densely populated state spread in a small area with predominance of poor masses and the intelligent poor are never rightists. Our prime minister wanted to impose hard capitalism on the intelligent poor Bengalis, which worked during the 2019 parliamentary elections, but by 2021 assembly poll, the people realised their herculean blunder and made amends on the day of polling. The BJP wanted to pit the Hindus against the Muslims, but for the Bengalis their cultural affinities made a much stronger bond. We the Punjabis have to learn a lot from the Bengalis. The struggling farmers of Punjab also made some token presence during the early phase of electioneering in West Bengal. Some of them addressed public meetings in urban areas. Their genuine lamentation did not go un-noticed and the Bengalis responded positively. After the 2019 parliamentary election, the pro-capitalist BJP holds sway over most of India, but in the big financial centres, like the national financial capital Mumbai, the national capital New Delhi and the regional capital of Eastern India, the city of Kolkata they were not in power. This was injuring their ego. During the present phase of elections they wanted this opportunity to control the finances of Kolkata. But contrary to their expectations, they lost control of Chennai too, which is the financial capital of Southern Peninsular India. At the end of the day the ruling party received a big blow to its ever expanding ambitions. The only party which has fared worse is the leaderless Indian National Congress, which has ruled India for half a century. Unless the Congress infuses new life into its campaigning apparatus, it is unlikely to return to winning ways. Some of the states have strong leaderships, but their central leadership is sadly caving in.

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