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Earthen pots back in demand as mercury continues to soar in Ferozepur

Ferozepur, May 15

This summer season, the good old earthen pots with a modern touch are sure to beat summer. As the temperature soars, say 44 degrees Celsius for the last few days, the demand for chilled water is also on the rise and so is the demand for earthen especially with the summer setting in early. The tap facility for the pots is another advantage and customers seem to prefer it.

Despite the availability of refrigerators at home, city residents prefer having a natural and healthy cooling system. Earthen pots that come with a tap facility are already a favourite among the people and these are a common sight along the roadside as solace when the scorching sun troubles residents.

With prices ranging from Rs.30 to Rs.250, these clay pots come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The customers choose their pick as per need and capacity. A 15-liter pot with a tap is being sold at Rs.250 and is in maximum demand, say the earthen pot sellers.

The tap facility is being preferred as some feel it unhygienic to dip fingers or glass in the pot to take water,” said Shivani Arora, Headmistress in a government school.

People feel that the pots, when not in use, can also be used as containers, utensils to serve dishes, and designer pots for interior decorations.

We can use them in summer and later we can use them for decoration, said Parineeta crazy about decorating her study room.

Even though we have refrigerators, water from earthen pots is fresh and healthy. We used to have them in our childhood and that’s what I want to convey to my children too, said Anita Sikri running a pickle business.

Potters say that it is still a seasonal product sold during April and May and the income level is also poor. A machine cannot make these pots and skilled potters and their children have moved to other businesses to earn their livelihood, says Potter Nama.