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Dubai creates fake rain to deal with sweltering heat

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New Delhi, July 23

Dubai is undergoing a sweltering summer. In fact, the temperatures in the place surpassed 50C at a point. To beat the heat, the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology came up with a solution that resulted in monsoon-like downpour on the highways.

The enhanced rain is created using drone technology known as cloud seeding, reports Daily Mail. The innovative tech gives clouds an electric shock that makes then clump together to produce precipitation.

A video of the downpour was also shared on the official Twitter handle of UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology. The video shows rain pouring down on a highway as the cars navigate through it.

A few months ago, while talking about the technology, Alya Al-Mazroui, director of the UAE’s rain-enhancement science-research program, told Arab News, “Equipped with a payload of electric-charge emission instruments and customised sensors, these drones will fly at low altitudes and deliver an electric charge to air molecules, which should encourage precipitation.”

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