Dhuri/Sangrur: Bid for Bicycle Stand and Tea-Milk Canteen Contract Today

The Fact News Service
Dhuri/Sangrur, May4
Disclosing this here today Sub Divisional Magistrate Dhuri Latif Ahmed said that the bidding for the contract for bicycle stand and tea and milk canteen at Tehsil Compound Dhuri District Sangrur for the financial year 2021-22 would be held on Wednesday 5th May at 11:00 am. He said that half of the bid amount would be collected on the spot and the other half would have to be deposited by August 31 in any case. He said that the contractor of bicycle stand would not be able to charge more than Rs. 5 for bicycle, Rs. 10 for scooter, motorcycle and Rs. 20 for car. In addition, the canteen contractor will not be able to charge more than Rs 10 per cup for tea and Rs 15 per cup for milk. He said that in case of any public holiday on the said date, the bidding would be done on the next working day at the designated place and on time and the terms and conditions of the contract auction would be announced on the spot.