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Devinder Singh takes dig at Punjab CM for forming 4-member panel for hearing public grievances at his official residence

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Chandigarh, September 10

Former Deputy Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha Devinder Singh on Friday criticised Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh for constituting a four member panel for hearing public grievances at his public residence in Sector 2, Chandigarh.

“CM Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh has recently issued a paradoxically vague official order on September 8, 2021, deputing three legislators namely, Surinder Kumar Dawar, Dr. Raj Kumar Chabbewal, Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon and in addition to them Chairman Punjab Agriculture Marketing Board, Lal Singh has been named as coordinator for the redressal of the grievances of the general public at CM’s residence. Interestingly the name of Patiala MP Praneet Kaur does not find any mention in the list, who also happens to be his wife and a public figure not by choice but in her own right,” said Devinder Singh. Singh termed the order as ‘indeterminate and ambiguous’.

“The real illusory puzzle for the general public is about the ‘Residence’ of the Chief Minister. Because the order in question does not define the location of the residence of the incumbent CM. Residence means a house where one actually resides; but where the incumbent CM Capt. Amarinder Singh resides, is an inscrutable mystery? Now the question is as to where and at what terminus point, this ‘Superfluous Grievances Panel’ would actually meet the general public and what is their locus standi; in terms of their right, capacity or even authority to cause an action in the administration over and above the Ministers, in any matter, which is brought to their notice by the Public?,” he added.

He said that the Captain should answer the public why he is unable to meet them himself at this residence.

“The People of Punjab who elected him as Chief Minister, reserve the right to know his inability to meet them , whether he is physically incapacitated or has developed some serious incurable and irremediable infirmity ? In such an unfortunate scenario he should depute some of his Ministers for the task assigned to extracorporeal private panel for the redressal of Public grievances , transgressing the authority of the Ministers of his cabinet and also over and above his dozen officers on special duties and again the million dollar question haunts the public mind, where the Punjab CM is busy with and where is his actual place of residence and why he is fooling the public to go to a place where he does not reside at all ?,” he further said.

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