Deep Sidhu pays homage at Harmandir Sahib after his release from jail

The Fact News Service
Amritsar, May 1
Famous Bollywood star Deep Sidhu paid obeisance at Golden Temple after being released on bail. He visited historical places while enjoying the kirtan of divine hymns. Deep Sidhu told reporters that as a family, they have come to thank God after being released at the rate of Guru Ram Das. He prayed daily at the feet of Guru Ram Das and Baba Deep Singh. When he went in, he was awake at night, hungry, and put in cells, but the guards of the martyrs brought him out. “I am an actor but also a lawyer,” he said. He said that the movement would never be allowed to cool down. I will soon go to Singhu Border and fight for the rights of the farmers. In response to some questions, he said the court had warned the police administration that it had not committed any crime and had not committed any other crime. When it comes to the state level, many become opponents and many come together. When everyone backs away then friends are identified. He said that the political structure of Punjab should be such that it would talk about regional issues. The Center has never done justice. When the movement arises, there is opposition, then when the time comes, the people are in power, the same thing happened to me, who prayed for me or raised my voice, I thank them.