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DC congratulates Ludhianvies for crossing over one million mark in vaccination drive

The Fact News Service
Ludhiana, June 23

Congratulating people of Ludhiana district for crossing over one million mark in vaccination drive, Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma today in a weekly Facebook live session said that achieving this target was a success of every single citizen of Ludhiana.

The DC stated that without people’s cooperation it was almost impossible to vaccinate such a large amount of people and becoming first district in the state to cover one million people in this drive. He added that it was due to such a massive Immunization that we endured the second wave successfully with a below one percent positive rate. He stated that only 19 persons were reported positive out of 11000 tests conducted today which was a result of maximum vaccination in the district.

The DC lauded the efforts of traders and shopkeepers in Raikot town, who have displayed notices in their shops that read: all their staff are vaccinated. He called upon others to emulate the move and paste such notices in their establishments. Sharma mentioned that whenever any curfew is imposed, the labour class is among hardly hit community,  so their vaccination holds significance. He said that if they are immunized, they will be able to perform their jobs without any restriction.

The Deputy Commissioner also added that vaccination is most important for the business activities. He also lauded the efforts of non government organisations, religious organisations and resident welfare societies for their stellar role to combat the virus spread adding that there was no dearth of vaccine and NGOs must play a vanguard role in vaccination camps. He appealed to people to make this drive a mage success in Ludhiana to be able to tackle third wave effectively.

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