DC Barnala held meeting with officers regarding Covid-19 vaccine

The Fact News Service
Barnala, April 8

In order to expedite the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, Deputy Commissioner  Tej Partap Singh Phoolka held a meeting with various officers of the district.

Presiding over the meeting, Phoolka sought information from the officers of various departments regarding the corona vaccination being administered to the staff of their respective departments and also directed that the staff who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated as soon as possible. It should be installed as soon as possible so that relief can be provided from the outbreak of this epidemic.

Instructing the officers of the health department, the Deputy Commissioner said that the formation of various teams should be increased by setting up camps etc. and giving maximum time to this work to vaccinate the people. He said that people aged 45 years and above should be vaccinated. He said that by meeting the people the benefits of vaccination should be explained and the people should be encouraged to get vaccinated so that this epidemic could be eradicated.

Addressing the officers of various departments, the Deputy Commissioner said that their respective staff should be instructed to administer vaccines in a systematic manner so that there would be no difficulty in completing this task. If any department has any problem regarding vaccination, then the departmental schedule for vaccination should be made up to 1 week. In addition, if any department needs to set up a vaccination camp, it should be informed so that the vaccination campaign can be expedited by organizing a camp so that every officer/employee of the department can be vaccinated.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Aditya Dechalwal, Civil Surgeon Dr. Harinderjit Singh, District Education Officer Mr. Sarabjit Singh Toor besides officers of various departments.