Daily-wagers again leave for hometowns fearing lockdown amid COVID curbs

Gurugram, January 11

With COVID-19 restrictions again in place in Haryana’s Gurugram as the number of infections rises, some daily-wage workers are once again struggling to make ends meet have started returning home.

Fearing a lockdown amidst dwindling prospects for work, Amrinder Kumar Yadav, a driver decided to return to his native state.

 “Lockdown may be imposed in the city so I’ve decided to go back to my native state. I am not getting any work due to COVID restrictions, it is tough to survive without any income,” he said.

Naresh Mukhiya, another daily-wage worker, who came to Delhi for the first time to find work is now returning as the employment opportunities seem to vanish.

“I am going to Bihar. The administration might impose a lockdown. If that happens, surviving becomes difficult,” Naresh said.

Shashi Gupta, who was seen with some household things like cooking gas, television, stove, said it is excruciatingly difficult for daily-wage workers to find work amid such restrictions. “I am returning to my village in Uttar Pradesh. There is no work. With so many restrictions, I fear the lockdown will be imposed again,” Gupta said. The previous two waves of the COVID-19 in India had a huge impact on the lives-livelihoods of daily wage workers. Several thousand were seen crowding at bus terminals and railway stations as the lockdown restrictions were eased in a bid to return to their native places. They had then claimed that employment opportunities for India’s daily workers in both the unorganized and organized segments dipped significantly.