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Cutters made from spoons, mobiles found in jail during search operation

Ferozepur, May 7

 During the search operation of the jail barracks, two mobiles from prisoners under trial and five cutters made from spoons and other sharp-edged material were found, from different barracks as unclaimed.

The inmates have become so expert that they have started making sharp-edged weapons that could be used for taking lives.  During the search, 5 cutters made from spoon, 4 small edged needles, one instrument extracting teeth, 2 knives and one ‘mochna’ of bronze.

Assistant Superintendent, Hari Singh informed that during the search operation of different barracks, the mobiles and other material has been recovered.  He said, the inmates are given green vegetables and they cook at their own by using the spoons by making them sharp as the knives or sharp-edged things are not allowed inside the jail.  The purpose is of peeling the vegetables but can be used for any other purpose.

Baldev Singh has been appointed as IO to further investigate the matter against the under-trial prisoner Banti of Fazilka presently in Ferozepur jail booked under the Prisons Act and  unidentified persons.