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Couple help homeless people food and shelter amid lockdown

Image credits: The Better India

The Fact News Service, June 24

When Chennai based techie Naim Tabrez Khan embarked on his journey to Erode, he was not aware that he will end up helping hundreds of homeless people of the city.

In the month of February, he started preparing for a certification exam due in June. To let him focus, his wife and children went had gone to their relatives in Erode. However, when the rumors of the lockdown started surfacing, Naim decided to bring back his family from home.

As per the reports by The Better India, Naim could not return back to Chennai. He reportedly said, “By the time I reached Erode, it was a few hours before midnight. I knew it was impossible to return back.”

The couple decided to stay in Erode but they were not aware that they would end up helping many amid the lockdown. Naim reportedly said that there were thousands of homeless people stranded on the streets. They were outside temples, bus stops, railway stations, and did not have proper food and shelter.  

The couple bought biscuits and some other snacks for the homeless people and they distributed it to around 100 people across the city. Naim said that he knew that it was not enough. They needed hot meals. He decided to help them and asked for help from family members, friends, colleagues through social media. Many came up for help and Naim said that he managed to gather enough money to make 100 food packets every day.

Other than this, he approached the municipal corporation of the city and asked them to provide shelter for such people. The authorities agreed and reportedly moved 80 people to a government hospital.”

Apart from providing food and shelter to the homeless, Naim also put efforts to provide them with jobs.

 “We helped set up businesses for about 15 people. A man who had physical disabilities had to stop working a few years ago, so we converted his manual-start auto-rickshaw into an auto-start. There was a watchmaker who needed work, so we invested in a small shop where he could restart his business. Apart from this, we also secured work for 50 individuals at construction sites, restaurants, grocery stores, and similar places,” reportedly said Naim.

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