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Contribution of Deras’ during Corona

Narinder Jagga
After numbers of countless appeals, the people of Punjab have finally started taking the corona vaccine. The rising incidence of corona and deaths in Punjab, especially in rural areas, has also forced people to get vaccinated. Now there is a race to get vaccination. The situation can be gauged from the fact that there is a lack of space in the crematorium ghats for cremation of corona bodies. Vaccination rumours and fraud and greed continue to expand. It is also a matter of concern that hundreds of injections of Remedesivir have recently been found in a canal in Ropar district of Punjab. Black market of oxygen and increase in prices of relief drugs are some of the issues which are demanding serious attention. Opportunists have found a way to take advantage of the fact that there are still rumours about vaccination, differences between doctors and scientists. The crisis of oxygen in the state is the same as the shortage of beds for corona patients in the hospitals. The strike by National Health Mission workers has also raised concerns. Of course the Punjab government has issued instructions. But the extent to which these instructions are being implemented is a matter of separate discussion. Because it is up to the governments to take action. But the good news in this difficult time is that religious places and religious institutions have started fulfilling their religious as well as social responsibilities. The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee has also issued instructions to the sangat to abide by the corona safety rules. Corona treatment centers are being set up in the halls of gurdwaras and oxygen is being provided.  The Punjab Government has sought the cooperation of Dera Radha Swami. The Nirankari Mission and Dera Sirsa are also contributing at this time. The Army has started taking up positions in Corona wards in Punjab. But at the same time, the general public is facing another crisis with health services. The crisis is related to the plight of people suffering from diseases other than corona. Patients with such serious illnesses are suffering due to non-availability of specialist medical care. Of course, the Punjab government has been banned from performing surgeries and OP services other than corona in private hospitals. But there are some private hospitals where all this is going on through the back door. The problem is for the general public, who are unable to seek treatment from large private hospitals. But all this is having a negative effect. When people with serious illnesses become weak, diseases like corona are easily taking their place. In other words, if the lines of patients with various diseases that used to be in the hospitals are now gone, then it is natural to suspect that the same patients are not suffering from corona due to lack of treatment. . The situation is serious when a patient in a private hospital is rushed to a government hospital on his last breath. Of course, governments and institutions are doing their best to help in this time of crisis. But what is lacking is co-ordination. There is a lack of coordination between the government, religious institutions and private hospitals. The victim and her family have to wander from place to place to save their lives. It would be better if the victim and his family were aware of this in their own city, town and then the dangers to life could be lessened and the common man could escape from any robbery. In the hour of crisis in Corona, it has also become clear that the camps, religious organizations and slave spheres have not only shifted towards religious activities but have also started fulfilling their social responsibility along with religious ones.

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