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Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu blames AAP for poor law & order situation in Punjab

Chandigarh, April 1

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Friday called out the Aam Admi Party (AAP) to take a look at a purported video where a Congress worker was allegedly brutally beaten in Patiala’s Sanaur in Punjab.

He alleged that the law and order in Punjab are at a “very low ebb”. In another tweet, taking a potshot at the AAP, he said that the recent actions by AAP workers did not indicate Bhagat Singh’s ideology. “Kejriwal, your people are going to court in Delhi that your life is in danger, should you worry about the lives of Punjabis too? If it happens in Delhi you call it Vandalism. Look what is happening in Punjab… Another Congress worker was brutally beaten in Sanaur. Law & order at a very low ebb !!” tweeted Sidhu.

“Change is not necessarily progressed. This is not ‘badlaav’ that Punjab signed up for. Murders, Car thefts at Gunpoint, Snatching, Hooliganism & Kabza’s… Uncontrolled AAP workers fulfilling selfish motives… Poles apart from S. Bhagat Singh’s ideology of selflessness and sacrifice,” he added.

Earlier on Thursday, Sidhu said alleged that a Congress worker named Iqbal Singh was killed by the AAP workers in village Kasowana, Zira.

“Still awaiting action against the AAP workers who brutally killed Congress worker Iqbal in village Kasowana, Zira. Will be attending his ‘Antim Ardaas’ on Wednesday. We will fiercely rally behind every congress worker, who is our backbone,” he added.