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Congress government’s ‘White Paper’ brought on power purchase agreements is just a bundle of lies: Aman Arora

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, November 16

Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab leader and MLA Aman Arora surrounded the Congress government on the deadly power agreements of Punjab and raised many such questions, which neither the previous Captain Government of Congress could answer nor the current Charanjit Singh Channi. The government of Punjab is also trying to mislead the people of Punjab.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters on Tuesday, MLA Aman Arora said that the Congress government is also cheating Punjab on power purchase agreements like the Akali-BJP government. He said that on the basis of power purchase agreements, the white collar mafia has remained as it is for five and a half years, which continues unabated under the nose of Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. The issue was raised by the AAP in the Punjab Assembly, but the Congress government ran away from it and kept silent.

Aman Arora said that the three private thermal power plants are defrauding Punjab of thousands of crores of rupees every year. Captain Amarinder Singh had also brought white paper, but then took it back by putting it on the chest. The Akali-BJP and Congress are the same bag and white mafia is being run in Punjab. Aman Arora showed the account of the last ten years of the Akali-BJP and the present Congress government through the white paper present with him. He said that the Punjab government was only trying to throw dust in the eyes of the people in view of the elections.

Aman Arora said that Manpreet Singh Badal had brought white paper in Channi government regarding power purchase agreements but this white booklet is only a bunch of liars. The original white paper is of 17 pages, but apart from describing what happened during the Akali government, the misdeeds of these five and a half years during the Congress government in 2006 and after that were hidden. Due to this, the number of these white papers was reduced to 9 and Manpreet Singh Badal brought them.

Manpreet Singh Badal started talks from the year 2007 but these power purchase agreements were approved on 24 March 2006 in the Captain Amarinder Singh government of Congress. Approval was received from Bananwali and Rajpura units to set up one thousand units each, ie, a total of two thousand units. But about 14 days before the election, the 2000 MW unit of PSPCL was increased to 2400 MW on 20 January 2017 during the government of Captain Amarinder Singh.

The Akali-BJP government changed the bill Home Operate and Transfer (BOOT) to BOO. Because according to BOOT the unit which was to be of Punjab after 25 years. But the government changed it to Build on Operate (BOO) on 20 January 2007. The Congress government is as much a partner in destroying Punjab as the Akali-BJP government.

On October 10, 2007, Manpreet Badal was the Treasury Minister in the Akali-BJP government’s cabinet and Parkash Singh Badal was the Chief Minister. At that time, the government had argued that BOO was wrongly marked instead of BOOT. Because first Captain Amarinder, then Prakash Badal and the common link between them was Manpreet Singh Badal, who is now also a cabinet minister in Channi government.

About 2,200 acres of land was also bought and given by the Punjab Government. Manpreet Badal and the Punjab Government agreed that the Central Sector has been given 1482 crores to the government and the NPAs to the three private thermal power plants are GBK 3620 crores in just these four years, i.e. more than five thousand crores, to these thermal power plants as fixed charges.

The Punjab government did not keep any safe guard at the time of signing the power agreement. If paddy is to be sown in summer then 14 thousand MW is required and in winter 6 thousand MW and then 3 thousand MW is required. But ignoring this, power purchase agreements were signed. Whereas Section-9 and Section-11 were not taken care of like Gujarat Thermal Power Plant. Under section 9, the state government should write that in which months electricity is not needed, then the thermal plant can sell electricity anywhere outside and the government can avoid fixed charges. Punjab needs 14 thousand MW power only for 4-5 months, if it was given in writing on time, it could have been avoided but Congress government did not do anything like this. According to section-11, 20 percent power on the total production cost could have benefited but no talks were held with private thermal power plants.

Manpreet Badal has not recovered even one rupee out of one thousand crore rupees of Talwandi and Rajpura due to liquidated damage charge, i.e. delay in project implementation. Punjab will have to pay more than Rs 7600 crore due to wrong power purchase agreement.