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“Concerns of farmers have to be addressed,” Advocate Rai

Swati Bhan

Chandigarh, December 17

Even as the farmers agitation continues in various parts of the northern region the Supreme Court has said that the farmers can continue to agitate as it was their primary right.  Whether any legal recourse to this problem is possible or not, The Fact News spoke with Advocate of Punjab and Haryana High Court Mr Pranabh Rai.  While he was insistent that once a Bill has been passed, it was difficult to reverse it but admitted that the agitating farmers need to be brought to the dialogue table and need to be heard.

Speaking about the Bill, he said that the Union Government must have kept in mind the benefit of the farmer community and brought in the changes that they have introduced.  “The farmer community too has its concerns which is genuine as per their understanding, but as I have been saying talks are the only way forward and the initiative should be taken by the farmer union representatives  and the Centre government,’’ said Mr Rai.

Mr Rai pointed out that exploring a legal option would be difficult as this juncture though the honourable Supreme Court has heard out the PIL, in which they have observed that the farmers have the right to agitate and a committee comprising of the farmers’ union and government should be formed so that they can sort out the existing differences.

Mr Rai reiterated that dialogue was the only way forward and that way it would help to clear out the doubts in the minds of farmers and the Central Government too could find a way of addressing the aggrieved farmers. “Both parties without the intervention of any third party should sit across the table and hear out each other,’’ observed Mr Rai.