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Complete ban on gathering of 5 or more persons, rallies in Ludhiana

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Ludhiana, June 10
  • Police Commissioner issues various restraining orders.
Commissioner of Police Rakesh Agarwal has issued various restraining orders in the area of ​​Commissionerate of Police, Ludhiana, exercising the powers conferred under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974). Keeping in view the public interest security, the Commissionerate of Police, Ludhiana has issued orders for complete ban on gathering of five or more persons in the area, dharna / procession / rallies etc. Prohibition orders have been issued for holding dharnas / processions / rallies etc. in front of Sector 39-A, PUDA Ground, Vardhman Mill, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana apart from the allotted place. In addition, orders have been issued for a complete ban on carrying weapons and incendiary liquids. Apart from this the Commissioner of Police Ludhiana Rakesh Agarwal has issued various instructions to the gold loan companies and other financial institutions to maintain law and order. Agarwal calls on CRPC Exercising the powers conferred under Section 144 of the 1973 Act, it has ordered the installation of High Quality Day-Night CCTV cameras at various locations inside and outside the branch. Orders have been issued for installation of cameras which include DVR / NVT. And remote control recording and storage facilities. He also asked to set up alarms in case of theft in the branches attached to the head offices where in-call messages were immediately sent to the control room of Ludhiana Police Commissioner (Phone No. 78370-18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933). Text messages are automatically sent to the respective SHOs, ACPs, ADCPs to be sent and for immediate action in critical situations. Joint CP And C.P. Can be sent to In addition, the alarm is sent to a BSNL. The landline phone should be connected to an autodialer in the branch. He said that as soon as the alarm goes off, a teleprompter should automatically alert the police control room (phone number 78370-18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933) about any suspicious activity in the branch through pre-recorded message. The Commissioner of Police also said that the system should be able to give a loud alarm / hooters which can be heard up to 100 meters in the vicinity in case the vault / strong room / currency chest is opened loudly or any damage is done. It starts ringing automatically. He said that security personnel must be deployed after police verification and they should not be used for any other duty. In addition, management must ensure that the main entrance has shutter gates / scissors gates / steel barricades as well as chain and locking arrangements. He also directed that the important phone number 112 of the police control room, local SHO, ACP And ADCP. The numbers should be displayed in the branches. In another order, he said that the Commissionerate of Police had installed CCTV cameras on the entrances and exits of the reception area of ​​SP and massage centers in Ludhiana area. Cameras must be installed and a 30-day recording backup must be maintained. The owners of these centers have a photo ID of every customer. And police verification of each of their employees. In addition, these centers should not have any secret passage to get in and out. The owners of these centers will ensure that their centers do not contain alcohol or any other type of drugs. He also said that the owners of the centers would immediately submit the list of their employees to the nearest police station. These orders will remain in force for the next 2 months from the date of issue.

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