China approves ‘CoronaVac ‘ covid-19 vaccine for children above 3 years of age

The Fact News Service
Beijing, June 6
China has approved the emergency use of the anti-covid-19 vaccine ‘Coronavac’, developed by Chinese company Sinovac, for children aged 3 to 17 years. Yin Weidong, president of SinoVac, made the announcement. “Once the emergency use of the vaccine begins, a decision will be made on which age group to start it. Synovac completed the first and second phases of the clinical study and used the vaccine on hundreds of people of this age. The experiment proved that the vaccine is safe and effective for adults. The second anti-covid-19 vaccine was approved by Synovac. Earlier, the organization, including the world, had also approved China’s Synoform. China is exporting vaccines to many countries under its immunization policy. China’s National Health Commission says 76.3 million doses have been delivered in China as of Sunday. China has approved five vaccines for emergency use. China has also offered 10 million doses for the Covex initiative, which is being run in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

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