Chief Agriculture Officer appeals to farmers to take necessary precautions during wheat harvest

The Fact News Service
Nawanshahr, April 7
Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Raj Kumar appealed to the farmers of the district to take necessary precautions during the wheat harvest so that accidents could be prevented and a clean crop could be prepared and sent to the market without any hindrance to farmers.  Dr. Raj Kumar said that due to loose electrical wires during harvesting of wheat, sparks emitted from power transformers, burning of beedi-cigarettes thrown by laborers or any other negligence, the wheat crop or stalks catch fire. The height of the power lines in the fields should be such that the combine harvester can move easily with the umbrella while harvesting the wheat.
In addition, the combine harvester should be thoroughly inspected by a mechanic before operating to avoid damage caused by sparks from the combine harvester parts. He said that the combine harvester should be protected from a collision with poles, power lines and pulls.
He said that it was common to see that the wheat crop was on fire due to the sparks emitted due to the sparking of the transformer/geo switch during these days, to avoid this loss it was necessary to start the transformer before the commencement of wheat harvest. Wheat should be harvested by hand from about one marla of karba and taken care of separately. He said that this work should be done on a priority basis by informing the power corporation about loose electrical wires, transformer/geo switch sparking or power sparking.
 He said that farmers should keep their tubewells filled with water so that water could be used in case of any emergency. He said that every farmer should remember the number 101 of the fire department so that he could be contacted immediately if required. He said that the harvesting of wheat should be done only when the crop is fully ripe as if the harvesting was done before the ripening of the crop, the high moisture content in the grains would affect the quality of the produce.