Chandigarh Youth Congress workers protested outside Sector 16 Government Hospital and ‘begged’ for vaccines

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, June 5
They protested against the unavailability of vaccines and the misguided policy of the Government to neglect it’s own citizens and initially send vaccines abroad without ordering more vaccines in time for our own countrymen. Youth Congress workers ‘begged’ for vaccines outside the hospital in a strong display of dissatisfaction of the common man with this Government; representing the hopeless situation on the ground in the midst of the deadly second wave which has been exacerbated by an incompetent Government and it’s delayed response. The Youth Congress workers protested with a ‘mercy bowl’ in their hand in a demonstration symbolic of the plight of the citizens of our country who are desperate for vaccines and are in a helpless state with the Government nowhere to be seen. Manoj ‘Mouji’ Lubana accompanied by other Youth Congress leaders Prikshit Rana, Preeti ‘ Sandeep kumar , Navdeep Singh, Kamalpreet Singh, Karanvir singh Kanu , Vakeel Khan, Ravi Prasher, Umesh Kumar zappy , Devinder Singh, Partap Rana made a statement while speaking to the media outside the hospital that the protest with begging bowls was a bold way of conveying a message to the Government that under their 7 years of misrule the people have been reduced to begging even for the bare basic amenities they are entitled to by right. Lubana said, “We have a Right to Life. And that right of life, today depends on vaccines. In a way, We are begging for our lives and the Government in not bothered. India is the biggest vaccine manufacturer but people are facing shortage of doses as they have been dispatched to other countries by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The agitation outside will continue till the vaccine supply is adequate,” Addressing the demonstration, he urged the authorities to ensure supply of adequate quantities of vaccines and prompt implementation of the vaccination drive to check spread of COVID-19.

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