Chandigarh sets target to vaccinate all teenagers with 1st dose till Jan 26

Chandigarh, January 10

Dharampal, UT Adviser, has directed the health department that all the eligible children of Chandigarh have to be vaccinated with first dose before 26th January 2022 positively. Accordingly, 11 more vaccinated teams are being added from 10.01.2022, and the child vaccination will now be done at 33 places which include seven health facilities and 26 schools.

The targeted population in Chandigarh is 72,000. It started from 3rd January 2022 and within one week, Chandigarh could vaccinate 25509 children i.e. 35.43 % within one week.

Precaution Dose: As per the health department, the targeted population of 60 year plus with co-morbid in Chandigarh is 15,600. Further the targeted population of HWs and FWs is 26237 and 22438 respectively. Precaution Dose to all HWs, FWs and the Citizens of 60 year plus with co- morbidities will be administered from 10th January, 2022.  Here it may be noted that:

The 60 year plus persons with co-morbidities must consult their doctor before coming for the Precaution Dose. However it is clarified that there is no need for any written medical advice from the doctor to get the Precaution dose. The verbal statement of the 60 year plus and above persons about consultation with the doctor will be taken on its face value. There must be a gap of nine months i.e. 39 weeks from the date of administration of 2nd dose. Since the vaccine for Pre-Caution Dose will be the same as was for first and second dose, the COVISHIELD Vaccine will be used in Chandigarh.