Chandigarh Police arrest city chief of Hindi Daily on allegations of fraud/cheating

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, March 3

Chandigarh Police has succeeded to unearth a nexus of cheaters/fraudsters by arresting two persons namely Sanjeev Mahajan and Manish Gupta. The brief facts of the case are that House No 340, Sector 37A, Chandigarh measuring (338 Sq.Yds) belonged to the mother of Rahul Mehta S/o Ved Parkash Mehta. The mother, father and brother of Rahul Mehta have been passed away and only Rahul Mehta is the legal heir and owner of the above said house. The health condition of Rahul Mehta is not good so by taking the advantage of his ailment, Sanjeev Mahajan, Sukhbir @ Bittu, Manish Gupta, Khalli and others hatched a conspiracy to grab the above said property. They confined him in a room of a house in question and tortured by them and also got executed a General Power of Attorney of the house in question in favour of Arvind Singla and Khalinder Singh Kadian by Rahul Mehta in which the powers of transfer were also there. It is further revealed during enquiry that in the month of June/July 2017, Rahul Mehta was taken by Surjit Bouncer, Sanjeev Mahajan, Sukhbir @ Bittu, Khalli and others to Bhuj (Gujarat) and confined in a Stud Farm House for more than one month. Rahul Mehta who is presently admitted in APNA GHAR ASHRAM, Bharatpur, Rajasthan also joined in the enquiry who stated that in month of April/May 2017, 4-5 persons namely above said Sanjeev Mahajan, Surjit, Sukhbir @ Bittu, Khalli and others forcefully entered in his house No. 340, Sector 37A and occupied the upper floor of his house. They beaten him awfully and locked him in a room of his house. They also tortured him and threatened to kill him. They also got his signatures forcefully on blank papers as well as blank cheques. He was taken to Bhuj by Surjit and left him with one Abdul Karim, who has a Stud Farm there. After some months, Abdul Karim got admitted him in a Ram Dev Sewa Ashram Bhuj, Gujarat. After that he was transferred to Shardha Foundation, Kajrat, Maharashtra and further transferred to Apna Ghar Ashram, Delhi, thereafter, he transferred to Apna Ghar Ashram, Rajasthan. He categorically stated that he had never sold his house to anyone till now.