Chandigarh lags behind in cleanliness rankings: Pradeep Chhabra

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 29,
Chandigarh is lagging behind in the cleanliness rankings. Former Chandigarh Congress President Pradeep Chhabra has made many allegations on what is the reason for this. In such a case, the matter of awarding the contract of cleanliness to the Lions Company in the southern sector of the city is getting hot. The proposal to extend the contract of cleaning contract is coming in the meeting of the municipal corporation on May 31. Pradeep Chhabra alleges that the Chandigarh BJP is responsible for this. The BJP mayor from 2016 to date is accountable to the people of Chandigarh. The contracting of the company resulted in the employment of over 400 people. Before the contract was awarded to this company, the area was cleaned at half the cost. Around 1100 sweepers worked. After the arrival of the company, employment of about 400 people. There should be an inquiry as to what infrastructure the company had on the day the contract was awarded to the company. Those who raise questions in the meeting of the House are now recommending the extension of the contract. The Municipal Corporation has given the responsibility of cleaning the southern sectors of the city to the Lions Company. They are paid 50 to 54 crores every year. From the very beginning, councilors have been questioning the company’s performance. Many times in the meeting of the House, Congress, and BJP councilors have engaged themselves in this. Even the demand for investigation has been raised many times. Notices of fines have been sent to the company several times on behalf of the municipal corporation. Its proposal is coming up for discussion in the House meeting to be held on 31 May, while in the year 2017 MP Kiran Kher has also questioned the cleaning arrangements being done by the company.

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