Chandigarh holds back water tariff hike till March next year

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 29,
The water bill that has been collected from the residents as per the increased rate since August last year, will not be adjusted in the next bill. In such a situation, it is a shock to the citizens. There is a meeting of the Municipal Corporation House on 31 May. The BJP has called this meeting virtual by not calling it physical. However, on behalf of the mayor, it has attributed the increasing cases of the corona to it. Officials also want that the questions that are being raised at this time should be clarified, so Congress councilor Satish Kanth has asked five questions about the ban imposed by the administrator. To which the officer will answer. Officials will also tell that this moratorium is only till the month of March and the increased bills will also be taken even during this time. This is just a short halt. Congress councilor Satish Kainth says that the issue of water is related to the entire city. The BJP mayor has deliberately called a virtual meeting of the House to avoid questions from Congress. He says that the townspeople should also be associated with this virtual meeting so that they too can know how much relief they are actually getting. The Act has the approval of drawing a pass in the audience gallery, in such a way, the city’s major residents’ welfare associations should be added to this virtual meeting. Mayor Ravikant Sharma says that this decision has been taken keeping in mind the standards due to the corona epidemic.

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