Chandigarh-based independent music artist Sahil Samuel is a soulful sensation

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Chandigarh, September 13

There are tens of thousands of music artists vying to get the right chance and opportunity to succeed in the music industry. Making it in the music industry could be, sometimes, a bit overwhelming for the artists. It takes a toll in the pursuit of success for a musical artist and only a select few make it to the top.

Those musical artists who have some unique attributes, be it the writing, the performance, or the different music, have a high chance of making it in the industry. One such successful musician-singer-performer who has risen as an independent artist is Sahil Samuel.

Sahil Samuel is one of the most prolific, stylish, and talented performers from India. He was born in February 1993, resides in Chandigarh, and has been given the title “Freddie Mercury of India” for his emphatic stage appearance. He considers himself a performer rather than just a singer.

His aura and ability to give an enjoyable unique touch to the song has helped him rise rapidly in the tough musical industry. His way of creating music and the music itself is unique, and that is what makes him stand apart in the competition. Sahil banks on the quality of music, lyrics, and enhances its presentation.

Sahil Samuel has devised more than 300 songs since 2016 and is the leader of a hugely popular music band – Naalayak.

He began in 2014 when he first got his break in a famous music band “Swastik” as a vocalist. Within a year, he mastered his art and understood the audience’s taste; he studied how well the audience reacts if the artist is equally a good performer. So, under “The Sahil Samuel Project”, he searched for talents and formed the band “Naalayak” in 2015. He has gained an incredible following with the success of his band, and his performances and vision have led the band to phenomenal highs.

This young artist is inspired by Freddie Mercury, Atif Aslam, Raghu Dixit, Robert Plant, Axel Rose, and Lucky Ali. Along with his art, Sahil has also got a unique sense of hair and styling, which also adds to his popularity. He has attained success after years of hard work, passion, and fighting against his parents to do what he loves the most.

He has created three albums so far, namely “Main Ka Bukhar”, “Hindi Gaane”, and an untitled upcoming one. Some of his hit tracks are “Haan Pyaar Hain”, “Dil-ae-Raza”, “Mustafa”, “Nasamajh”, “Zakir”, and” Bawra”. Sahil Samuel’s uniqueness of being an equally good performer, added with his unique writing and music, has made him stand out and make a name for himself as one of the finest Indian independent artists.


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