CGST officers unearth Rs 34 crore input tax credit fraud involving 7 firms

New Delhi, November 14
Based upon specific intelligence, the officers of the Anti Evasion branch of Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) Commissionerate, Delhi (East) have unearthed a case of availment/utilization and passing on of inadmissible input tax credit (ITC) through bogus GST invoices without actual movement of goods of Rs 34 crore. The seven firms were created to generate bogus GST invoices with the intent to pass on fraudulent ITC without actual movement of goods and without paying actual GST to the Government, according to a press release. These entities have generated goods less GST invoices of value Rs 220 crore (approx.) and passed inadmissible ITC amounting to Rs 34 crore (approx.). Rishabh Jain was the mastermind behind running this racket of creating bogus firms and generating/selling bogus GST invoices. The modus operandi involved creating multiple firms with the intent to avail/utilize & pass on inadmissible credit. The firms involved in this network are Blue Ocean, Highjack Marketing, Kannha Enterprises, S S Traders, Everest Enterprises, Gyan Overseas & Viharsh Exporters Pvt. Ltd. Rishabh Jain tendered his voluntary statement admitting his guilt. He admitted that due to nonpayment against the Overdraft account of the Central Bank of India, the business premises were sealed by bankers. Thereafter, he indulged in the issuance of bogus GST invoices without actual movement of goods. Rishabh Jain has knowingly committed offenses under Section 132(1)(b) of the CGST Act, 2017 which is cognizable and non-bailable offenses as per the provisions of Section 132(5) and are punishable under clause (i) of the subsection (1) of Section 132 of the Act ibid. Accordingly, Rishabh Jain has been arrested under Section 132 of the CGST Act on 13.11.2021 and remanded to judicial custody by the duty Metropolitan Magistrate till 26.11.2021. Further investigations are in progress.