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Brig HS Ghuman had received Shaurya Chakra on this day in 1961

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December 18

Soon after joining his battalion in Jan 1961, Brig Ghuman took active part in several operations as a young 2/Lt. He showed undaunted courage, leadership and indomitable spirit and inspired his men for which he was awarded the Shaurya Chakra.

In one such operation, an intelligence report of 25 insurgents under a hardcore leader was received in first week of June 1962, in general area Puleradze where they had established a hideout in dense jungles. 2Lt Ghuman set out with two platoons in early hours of 10 Jun to locate and destroy the hideout. Likely escape routes were blocked by laying ambushes. There he closed in with a section to within 50m of the hideout. He signalled his troops to attack the hideout whilst he took on the LMG post killing one and injuring another insurgent. The resistance by hostiles was weak. Then 2/Lt Ghuman pressed on with the assault killing three hostiles himself and wounding a couple more. Although the hostiles retaliated with small arms fire, they were badly shaken as they had been taken completely by surprise, and fled into the jungle leaving behind a large cache of arms, amn and equipment.

He was also awarded the Mention-in-Despatches for his actions in the 1971 conflict.

For his services rendered towards Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant Anniversary Celebrations, Brig Ghuman was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Speaker of Lok Sabha on 10th September 1988.

Post retirement in 1988, Brig Ghuman continued to serve the Armed forces as Secretary Rajya Sainik Board, Punjab cum Director Sainik Welfare Punjab from July 1993 to June 1997.

Brig HS Ghuman presently resides in Mohali.

(The recipient of this Shaurya Chakra is also the advisor with The Fact News)