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For the first time in village Bokaro , Wifi installation begins to conduct Durga Pooja virtually

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October 19

Almost 30 kilometres from the industrial town of Bokaro in Jharkhand, is the remote village of Marrah, occupied by merely 2,000 villagers. With roughly 700 Bengali families, the village holds one of the rarest Durga pujas, which is almost 300 years old.

The puja, organised by the Ghosh family, is one of the rare gems in which the idol bears semblance to Chhau masks and is the only traditional puja in the area.

However, the possibility of organising a puja this year seemed bleak due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the family members who are responsible for organising the puja are unlikely to visit the remote village this year. But the family came up with a solid backup plan to organise the puja despite their physical absence.

The village, which like every other remote area suffers from electricity issues and a bad network, will see the installation of its first WiFi connection. The WiFi connection is being set up by the family to allow senior members to supervise the puja online this year.

For the village that gets electricity for less than 10 hours a day, and previously used a generator for conducting the puja, installing a WiFi was a major technological shift.

As quoted in India Today, the Ghosh family members took it upon themselves to bring in the first WiFi access to the village. A 300-metre wire had to be laid for the WiFi to be installed. They bore the cost of the wiring, setting up routers, and remotely assisted people on how to use the facility.

Pradip Kumar Ghosh, who works in Coal India and is a senior member of the family, welcomed the new initiative taken by the younger generation.

He said, “It is the job of the elders to make space for the young generation. And we are going through a difficult situation. If they have come up with the idea where the puja doesn’t suffer and at the same time all the family members, villagers feel united along with social distancing, there is absolutely no problem.”

Local cable operator in the village, Majnu said, “I have laid an extra 300-metres of cable wiring and the Ghosh family told me about the initiative. I am looking forward to this as other villagers can also access WiFi now as the initial process is done.”

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)

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