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Bir Devinder Singh demands HC probe to unearth new ‘Vaccine Mafia’ active in Punjab

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Mohali, June 5
Adding to the miseries of Covid-19 patients, a new mafia known as ‘Vaccine Mafia’ has surfaced in Punjab. People of Punjab were already angry and tormented because of the unabated and brazen loot of the Mafias, such as; Land, Sand, Transport, Cable, and Electricity Mafias now the bandwagon of Mafia’s has further swelled with the arrival of a new ‘Vaccine Mafia’ said Bir Devinder Singh, former Deputy Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha, and Senior Vice President, SAD (Taksali). “It’s preposterous to learn that the Punjab Government is selling COVAXIN doses to private hospitals at a hefty premium. This is a new scam of the Health Department under the very nose of the Chief Minister, who owes public explanation in the matter,” said Bir Devinder Singh. “It is outrageous that the Government of Punjab procured COVAXIN doses at Rs.420 per dose and sold it to multiple private hospitals for Rs. 1060 per dose and most ironically the private hospitals are reportedly administering the doses to all adults at Rs. 1560 and in certain cases even more. It sounds so stupid, while people are crying to obtain vaccination in Government Hospitals and other Covid centers; the Government is engaged in the ‘vaccine trade’ marketing the vaccine at a hefty premium to private players, the vaccine which meant for the general public without incurring any charge. Such a heinous scam must be probed by a sitting Judge of the Hon’ble High Court to unearth the contours of the new ‘Vaccine Mafia’ and their dubious activities in Punjab,” he added. The leader alleged that the State Government has rubbed salt on the wounds of the people, already grief-stricken due to unprecedented shock, loss of life, and interminable sufferings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan must explain to the Public the circumstances and the tenacious motive behind the trading of the vaccine to Private Hospitals on a high premium when the Government Hospitals are reporting its shortages,” he said.  

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