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Beware fraudsters using fake e-challans for duping vehicle owners

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, May 29
Many vehicle owners have started receiving fake messages of e-challans from the fraudsters, to dupe them. One such message was received today at 8.59 am with an e-challan fine of Rs.2000 from RTO/SDM Hanumangarh (Rajasthan) for truck number PB-08-EC-7263. According to the owner Hardev Singh from Phagwara, his truck No.PB-08-EC-7263, is parked at Phagwara for the last so many days and also showing at Phagwara as per the GPS.’ “It looks to be a way of cheating by the government whereas for getting permit or tax, no paper is issued. Unfortunately, the receipt of a fake e-challan by me on my phone speaks,” the vehicle owner said. Fraudsters have started using fake messages of e-challans as bait to dupe city residents. According to the sources, several residents have received such dubious messages on their mobile phones with a link of e-challans. When the website mentioned in the message was tried on Google, it looked to be fake and of some make-up ads.

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