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Bengaluru residents marvel as rainbow-coloured halo seen around the sun

The Fact News Service,
May 24,
“Bengaluru, please look up, there is a halo around the sun.” Bengaluru’s skies have thrown up plenty of surprises in the past week and Monday, May 24, was no less. Residents marveled at a striking circular rainbow that was spotted around the sun. Several people in Bengaluru took to social media to share pictures of the ‘halo’ or the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow was visible to most residents in the city as Bengaluru had a pretty clear sky on Monday.  “A rainbow-like halo has encircled the sun in a perfect circle right now. Call it magic, call it true,” said actor Samyukta Honrad, sharing pictures of the halo. One user even wondered if ‘aliens’ were arriving.

But no, this is a common atmospheric phenomenon. The halo, as it is called, is an optical phenomenon that occurs when light interacts with ice crystals in the atmosphere. It is also called a kaleidoscope effect and it is due to the tilt of the ice crystals in the air and the altitude of the sun. The phenomenon is also reported when clouds specifically of the Cirrus category surround the sun, causing light to reflect into the seven colors. This halo is also called the ‘22 degrees halo,’ named so because the circular rainbow has a radius of approximately 22 degrees around the sun.


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