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Battle against black farm laws is the movement of entire country’s farmers says AAP Leader Jairnail

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Chandigarh, December 3

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab on Thursday accused Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of spreading malicious rumours about the farmers’ movement over the three Central agricultural marketing laws, by giving it a political colour. They rightly rejected their politically-motivated claim that  only Punjab farmers were protesting against the new farm laws and not the entire farming community, which, the AAP said, was a mere ploy to sabotage the ongoing movement.

In a joint statement issued from the party headquarters on Thursday, Punjab affairs in charge and MLA (Delhi) and Aman Arora, Sunam MLA, said that both the Congress and BJP governments were trying to spread illusions about the  farmers’ ongoing movement, which was a brazen attempt to derail it. The AAP cautioned the farmers and their representatives to keep an eye on their evil designs to harm them.  

Jarnail Singh said that top Congress BJP and Congress leaders were indulging in using off-putting language against them without any qualms of conscience, adding that the vested interests were spreading rumours about the strife and mouthing inanities against. He further said that some BJP leaders were indulging in branding farmers as anti-national, while Congress MP Ravneet Singh Bittu had stooped so low by allegedly calling them ‘Khalistani’, adding that passing such offending remarks against the country’s, ‘annaadaata’ was a disgrace not only to the farmers but also to the people of Punjab as a whole.

He slammed the Congress MP for asking union home minister Amit Shah to keep an eye on the farmers’ activity during the ongoing stir, terming it as a mere ploy to defame the farmers and trying to divide them and weaken the stir on considerations of caste, region and religion. He alleged that Captain was behind Bittu’s making such reprehensible remarks at the behest of the Prime minister and home minister.  

The Punjab in charge rightly rejected the claim made by the BJP leaders that only Punjab farmers were protesting against the controversial farm laws, adding that not only the country’s farmers and their families, but a cross section of people were participating in the movement.

Reacting on the proposed meeting of Punjab CM and union home minister ahead of the scheduled meeting with farmer bodies, Aman Arora said that if    captain had to hold such a meeting, he should have gone for it much earlier, terming the meeting as another design to mislead the people of the state, especially the farmers.

The Sunam MLA said “If Captain Amarinder Singh were seized of the farmers’ issues and concerns, he should have immediately convened a meeting of chief ministers of all the states to strongly put across the case more decisively before the Central Government with intent to thrash out a amicable solution to the agrarian crisis.

Taking a pot shot at Captain, Arora said that what to speak of talks with chief minister, he didn’t deign it proper to discuss the issues even with chief ministers of Congress ruled states, adding that the AAP Delhi government Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal had made an appeal to all non-BJP Chief Ministers to pitch in and raise their voices against the contentious agricultural laws.