Ban on illegal hookah bars, burning of crop residues in Hoshiarpur

The Fact News Service Hoshiarpur, February 23
District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner  Apneet Ryat has issued various restraining orders in the district including ban on running illegal hookah bars, ban on putting black film on car windows, mango in delisted area. These include a ban on tree felling, burning of crop residues and any construction by the general public within a 1,000-yard perimeter of the outer perimeter of 18 Ammunition Depot Uchi Basi. District Magistrate Apneet Riyat has issued an order prohibiting the operation of illegal hookah bar within the limits of District Hoshiarpur using the powers vested in him under Section 144 of the Criminal Association Act 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974). In the order issued, he said that the hookah bars run use tobacco, cigarettes and chemicals which are harmful to the human body, which proves to be very dangerous for human health and also has a detrimental effect on the society. Similarly in the name of owners of poultry farms / rice shellers / kilns and other small scale industries in the district as well as those who have domestic servants, orders have been issued to provide the name, full address, three photographs (right) of the persons working under them. , Pose from left and front) keep a register in their homes and write down the addresses of all their relatives. The owner should keep the fingerprints of the servant in his register and immediately record all these records in the concerned police station or police station of the area. To curb the misuse of black film in vehicles within the district limits, the District Magistrate has imposed a complete ban on the misuse of black film on the windscreens of vehicles. Apart from this he has banned illegal drilling in the streets of all the villages in the district. The District Magistrate has banned the felling of green mango trees from the delisted area within the district. If it is necessary to cut down the said trees in special circumstances then they should be cut down only with the approval of the Forest Department. For this purpose the Forest Department would follow the same procedure as for issuing permits in closed areas under Sections 4 and 5 of the Punjab Land Security Act, 1900. Prohibiting the burning of crop residues, the District Magistrate directed the 18-Ammunition Depot, Uchi Basi to construct any kind of construction (except government construction) within a radius of one thousand yards (914 m) of the outer perimeter wall. There is a complete ban on doing so. In another order, the district magistrate said that no one within the district would take his animals on open roads or in public places for grazing. Similarly the village administrators have been directed to keep a tight vigil at night to check the incidents of looting and theft in the villages. This order has been issued to ensure safety of life and property of the people in the villages at night. The District Magistrate has imposed a complete ban on watering or bathing of cattle by any person in large and small canals, Choa dam and Dhusi dam on the banks of river Beas within the limits of Hoshiarpur district. In addition to issuing complete ban on transportation of cows in the district from 6 pm to 6 am in summer and from 5 pm to 7 am in winter, the people who keep cows have been kept in the district. He has also been directed to get them registered with the Animal Husbandry Department. The District Magistrate has also banned unauthorized storage, transportation, use or sale of semen in District Hoshiarpur. The ban was imposed by the Department of Animal Husbandry, All Veterinary Institutions of Punjab including Animal Hospitals / Dispensaries and Polyclinics, Department of Animal Husbandry, Punjab Milkfed and College of Veterinary Sciences, Artificial Insemination Center run by Gadwasu Ludhiana. The Department is using processed and supplied or imported bovine semen by Punjab, not applicable to members of Progressive Dairy Farms Association, Punjab who have imported bovine semen only for the use of their livestock. All these orders will remain in force till April 23, 2021.