To boost local industry, Bamboo bridge built in Assam

The Fact News Service
Guwahati, February 15

To showcase the variety and highlight the importance of bamboo resources in Assam, a foot-over-bridge has been uniquely built with primarily just bamboo as its base in the state.

A foot overbridge, primarily decorated with* bamboo, was inaugurated by state minister Himanta Biswa Sarma at Khanapara in Guwahati on February 14.

Three bridges inaugurated in the city of Guwahati and out of the three, the one built at Khanapara has been designed with bamboo. The newly built bridge will help the people to conveniently traverse across the two sides of the road. Along with it, the bridge will also serve to highlight the importance of bamboo and its diversity prevalent in Assam.

The bridge will also serve as an entry landmark to the city and has a sign saying ‘Welcome to Guwahati’ over it. The bamboo foot over the bridge has been constructed at Khanapara. During the night, the lights on the bridge shine adding to its beauty.

  Assam is the largest producer of bamboo in India and the state boast of nearly 50 kinds of the plant. In total, the Northeastern region of the country supplies more than 60 % of the total production value of the country.