ATM cloning: Over Rs 2.70 lakh withdrawn from advocate’s bank accounts

The Fact News Service
Panipat, July 1
Even after having the the debit card and no phone call or message was received, the fraudsters withdrew two lakh rupees from the current account of the advocate and 70 thousand rupees from the savings account. The fraudsters have done a transaction by making Rs 10,000 each. All transactions have taken place in Delhi. The victim advocate has filed a case against unknown thugs at Chandni Bagh police station. Randeep, a resident of village Ugrakhedi, told that he is an advocate and practices in Panipat Court. He has a current and savings account with Canara Bank located at Sanauli Road. The mobile number linked to the saving account remains with them. While the mobile linked to the current account remains at home. He told that on Saturday evening, a message came on his mobile to deduct Rs 10,000 from the savings account. When he called the bank, the banker told him a holiday and asked to come on Monday. He tried to close his account online, but the account was not closed. The same thug withdrew 70 thousand rupees from the savings account in seven times. When he reached the bank, he got information about deducting two lakh rupees from the current account. Transactions have been done in Delhi from both the accounts. Now there are 51 rupees left in the savings account and only 11 rupees in the current account. The police have registered a case and are looking for the thug. On April 10, CNG was dispatched from a petrol pump at Gannore. The advocate told that he uses the debit card only at the petrol pump. Before being cheated, he had got CNG pumped from a petrol pump located in Ganaur, Sonepat on 10 April. After that he was cheated. Bank officials said that by cloning the debit card, money has been blown from both the accounts.

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