Asian Canoeing Championships postponed amid coronavirus scare

Asian Canoeing Championships logo

Hong Kong, Mar 7 (ANI): The Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC) on Saturday postponed the upcoming Asian Canoeing Championships amid coronavirus scare and travelling restriction to the host city Pattaya, Thailand.
The tournament was scheduled from March 26-29 but now delayed to one later in April. The dates of the competition are yet to be announced by the organisers.
"With our concern on the recent situation of COVID-19, ACC had discussed among the Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand (RCAT) and International Canoe Federation (ICF) for a way to ease the travelling uncertainty to Pattaya in March. It comes to a general agreement that the Asian Championships (CSL, Parcanoe & CSP) to be postponed ONE month to April 2020," ACC said in a statement.
The novel coronavirus disease, dubbed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, in late December 2019 and has since spread to more than 20 other countries. Coronavirus has so far killed more than 3,200 people globally. (ANI)