Anushka Sharma urges fans not abandon their pets amid coronavirus concerns

Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma (Image courtesy: Instagram)

New Delhi [India], Mar 24 (ANI): Amid coronavirus outbreak, movie star Anushka Sharma has come out to voice her concerns that pets are under threat with rumours of the virus spreading among animals.
Anushka who is deeply concerned about this phenomenon took to her social media and wrote on Tuesday, "It's a humble request for all pet parents to not abandon their pets during these times of crisis. Please instead, take care of them and keep them safe with you. It's inhuman to abandon them."

Anushka has been a strong animal rights activist and has constantly spoken up against cruelty to animals and several other atrocities faced by animals.
Previously, author-actor Twinkle Khanna and Arjun Kapoor also made an effort to reassure people the virus is not spreading through animals and created awareness about the misconceptions that pets are not prone to coronavirus infection. (ANI)

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