Another dangerous variant of Corona found in India, loses weight in 7 days

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, June 6
The coronavirus is constantly changing its form and becoming more dangerous. Every day new variants (Corona Variants) are emerging. Now another dangerous form of it has been found in India. It is so dangerous that the patient can lose weight within seven days of infection. Earlier, this variant was found in Brazil, from where it was confirmed that one form of it had come to India. Is 28.2. According to media reports, scientists have tested this form on a rat. The results were astounding. Scientists have found that it can be detected within seven days immediately after infection. It is so dangerous that it can reduce a patient’s body weight within 7 days. In addition, like the Delta variant, it can reduce antibody capacity. Scientists at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune said that B1.1.28.2 was found in two people who came from abroad. The genome of this variant was sequenced and then tested. At present, there are not many cases of this in India, while the Delta variant is the most popular. Samples of two persons returning from abroad were sequenced. Both individuals had no symptoms until they recovered from the corona, but after sorting their samples, when variant B.. was discovered, nine Syrian hamster rat species were tested for 7 days. Three of them have died due to a growing infection in the internal organs.

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