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America’s mentally unstable President may be shown the door

Harjap Singh Aujla

January 11

(The author is the senior advisor with The Fact News)

For the past four years, America has been dealing with an unusual type of president. During the presidential debates in 2016, he had been publically ridiculing his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as a corrupt person, who’s real place should have been in jail. But once the election was over and his aim of becaming the president was fufilled, Hillary Clinton’s so-called notorious corruption was absolutely forgotten. But in his fiery speeches he had been time and again, without evidence hinting about the Democratic Party’s designs to rig the election.

He has been divisive throughout his term. He targeted the White majority by instigating them against the Mexican Americans and the other minorities and where ever there were incidents of racial accesses against the African American minority, he deliberately looked the other way.

He virtually took no action against the White cops, who mistreated, shot and killed the African Americans on the streets of American cities. In order to suppress the inflow of non-white minorities, even in the elite workers category, he reduced the issuance of H – 1 B visa to just a trickle. He even drastically restricted visitor’s visa from third world nations. His often repeated phrase “America first” was directed against minorities and the countries of their origin.

He ordered the assassination of military and civilian leaders of countries he personally disliked, including Iran. He was hell bent on teaching a lesson to his civil and military allies and America’s leading trade partners like Japan and Germany, who had trade balance with America tilted in
their favor. He was extra cozy with the dictators and autocratic leaders of the most repressive regimes in the world including Russia, oil rich Middle East and North Korea.

Towards the end of his four year term, he perhaps realized that the political tide is rising against him and that he was no more electorally invincible. So he started openly advocating non-acceptance of an adverse result of election. He abused his highly civilized Democratic opponent
Joe Biden as Sleepy Joe and made cheap jokes about him and his running mate half Indian and half African American Kamala Harris wherever he could find an opportunity.

He brushed aside the dreaded Covid-19 as a non-existent pandemic projected by his political adversaries and took literally no measures against it and advised his friends and supporters not to wear masks and not to honor social distancing of two yards between two individuals. When
finally the election night came, the early returns favored him and his mood was highly upbeat, but as the counting started showing the results of early voting, which was advocated by his Democratic opponents, he panicked and openly started declaring his refusal to accept the results of a rigged and flawed election. Millions of his die-hard supporters believed his stories
and took to the streets to protect against a highly flawed electoral process. There were several protests by heavily armed pro-Trump activists in the toss up states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. Police had to intervene to disperse the rowdy crowds.

Donald Trump hired a team of advocates headed by New York City’s former Republican Mayor Rudi Giuliani to file law suits against so-called fraudulent elections in all the closely contested states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. No credible evidence was produced in any of the state or federal courts. Several of the federal judges who heard his pleas were appointed by Donald Trump himself or by another Republican President George W. Bush Junior, but there was no evidence to prove the charges. About sixty cases were filed in six states, out of which none succeeded. Two cases were filed in the U.S. Supreme
Court, where a total of six out of nine judges were appointed by Republican presidents and three judges were appointed by Donald J. Trump himself. To his utter dismay, none of his cases could stand the test of evidence and were summarily dismissed as baseless.

In the final election count, the Democratic Candidate Joe Biden prevailed by over seven million popular votes nationwide. Joe Biden polled a total of 81268757 votes against Donald Trump’s 74216722 votes. A difference of 7052035 votes. But American elections are not decided by popular votes, they have an electoral college consisting of 100 senators (two from each state) each senator has one vote only. In addition, based on the population of each state, there are 438 members of the House of Representatives and each has one electoral college vote. For example California is the most populous state, it has 53 Members of the House of Representatives and by including 2 votes of senators, it has 55 votes. Texas is the second most
populous state, it has 36 Members of the House of Representatives plus 2 U.S. Senators, it has 38 votes. Both New York and Florida have 29 votes each and Pennsylvania has 20 votes, both Georgia and Michigan have 16 votes each.

The electoral college votes were confirmed in the Capitol Hill on Wednesday January 6, 2021. Based on electoral college votes Joe Biden polled 306 votes versus Donald Trump’s 232 votes.

Winning starts from 270 votes or more. Donald Trump refused to concede defeat on the election night. He did not concede defeat even after formal counting ended. In America’s 244 year old history of presidential elections, no defeated or retiring president has ever refused to congratulate the elected president. Donald Trump is the first to refuse acceptance of defeat.
Rather, he has acted suspiciously after his defeat. He filed law suits in every state, he lost, but none of his appeals succeeded. A day before the confirmation of electoral college votes, he had one hour long heated arguments with his vice president Mike Pence, who refused to upset the
election result and Donald Trump was furious. Even none of the delegates from states, who assembled in the Capitol Hill (the office of the Parliament of the United States of America) changed his/her vote in the electoral college. A couple of futile attempts were made to upset the result of the election, but the two houses of the parliament turned those down in a lop-
sided decision. But just before the confirmation of vote, a futile attempt was made by some supporters of Donald Trump to take over the Capitol Hill Building and disrupt the formulation of result. It has been proved that Donald Trump himself instigated them to commit this crime and
he was dancing when his buddies were ransacking the office of the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, breaking the window panes and tearing the records of the chambers.

President Donald Trump has refused to attend the swearing in ceremony of the new president scheduled on January 20, 2021. The Vice President Mike Pence will attend it. In the meanwhile Donald Trump has told some of his confidents that Mike Pence should be shot dead. Donald Trump has acted suspiciously ever since the election night. On every occasion, he has used
highly derogatory language against his opponent. Some of his messages are highly explosive.

Judging from his vitriolic rhetoric, the social media giants Facebook, Insta-gram and Twitter, on which he was heavily dependent for getting out his message, have disabled President Donald Trump’s accounts. What happened on January 6th , in which five precious lives were lost,
including that of a police officer and some of the congressional record was destroyed, has infuriated the lawmakers. Some Democrat lawmakers want to impeach him all over again. This time they have support in several Republican lawmakers too, who are disgusted with him.

In the meanwhile the Vice President Mike Pence is thinking of invoking 25 the Amendment of the American Constitution too. According to this amendment, the vice president and the members of the cabinet, in case they find the president unfit to perform his duties due to his physical or
mental disabilities or due to an operation, they can temporarily strip him of his powers. Only twelve days are left between this state of flux and the formal swearing in of the new president, anything unfortunate can happen. He can be either impeached or stripped off his powers. This is for the first time in American history that such a drastic action is likely to happen. God save America, the land of plenty and the land of opportunity. I spent my most productive years in America, and hope it returns to normalcy.