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Ambulance driver recovers from Covid-19, celebrates with victory dance

The Fact News Service,
New Delhi, May 26,
While the ongoing pandemic has spread gloom around the country, stories of recovering Covid-19  patients often bring cheer among netizens. A video of an ambulance driver celebrating after recovering from the disease has gone viral on social media after it was shared by Twitter page @ErtBangalore. According to the tweet, which has now gone viral on social media, the ambulance driver Kumar was in a critical condition when a group of volunteers received a request to help him find a bed. Seven days later, a fully-recovered Kumar sent a video to them, excitedly dancing before being discharged from the hospital. Since being shared online, the clip is being widely circulated on various platforms with netizens rejoicing Kumar’s recovery. While many lauded the team of volunteers for helping people in need, others praised Kumar’s spirit. “Positive and refreshing to watch amidst all the chaos. More Power to the team” read one of the many comments on the viral clip. Source:(Internet)  

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