All India Upbhoghta Sangathan started a women wing in Punjab

Vipan Okara ji

Moga, October 1

The All India Consumers Association, which is running in the country, is working to find a solution to the problems facing the common consumers, which is continuously solving the problems facing the consumers. The same organization has now set up a women’s wing in Punjab. So that he could see the problems facing the women consumers during this Corona epidemic and today a women’s organization was started in Moga in which Bhavana Bansal was appointed as the President of Punjab and Poonam Narang was appointed as the Vice President.

On this occasion, Pankaj Bansal informed that while our organization is working for the consumers all over the country, it has also started the organization of women which has just started from Punjab and gradually the states of the whole country. Will be built in and will listen to the problems consumers are facing

On this occasion, the elected head of the Punjab Women’s Wing, Bhavana Bansal, Madam Avrinder Kaur Retired Principal, Preeti Pabbi said that most of the women have to go to the market for shopping. There is adulteration and we will keep a close eye on the upcoming festivals as well.

On the one hand, everyone in the country is upset due to the Carona epidemic and consumers are not getting clean food and drink from above. He said that now the government has made it a law to write expiry date on sweets. It will be made known to the general public.

At the same time awareness rally will be held from time to time to make people aware. He said that it will be made in Punjab.

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