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Alarm bells ringing in Arctic

The Fact News Service,
May 25,
Days after the world’s biggest iceberg calved off the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Antarctic, alarm bells are ringing in the northern polar region as the Arctic witnesses a rapid demise of sea ice. New satellite data has revealed how the intrusion of warmer Atlantic waters is reducing ice regrowth in the winter. Dubbed as Atlantification, the heat from the Atlantic Ocean is causing the edge of the sea ice to retreat which is critical for shipping, fisheries, and indigenous communities. The report published recently in the Journal of Climate, states that the Arctic is one of the hot spots of drastic changes in Earth’s climate system, a result of global warming associated with rising air temperatures. Scientists used satellite data from the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative to calculate changes in the volume of Arctic sea ice between 2002 and 2019. “While some of the older thicker ice remains throughout, there is an undeniable trend of declining ice as climate change tightens its grip on this fragile polar region,” ESA said in a statement.  The sea ice floating in the Arctic Ocean varies as it grows and shrinks with the changing seasons. It reaches a maximum around March after the cold winter months and then shrinks to a minimum around September after the summer melt. The new study makes sea ice more vulnerable during warmer summers and winter storms and researchers believe that the stabilizing mechanism in other regions of the Arctic could also be overpowered in the future. Source:(Internet)

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