Akshay shares BMC guidelines to stay safe from ‘guest cyclone Nisarga’

Actor Akshay Kumar (Image courtesy: Twitter)

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 2 (ANI): Actor Akshay Kumar on Tuesday urged the people to stay safe and warned them against the cyclone Nisarga, which is expected to hit Mumbai tomorrow.
The actor shared the guidelines by BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) to stay safe, and asked the people to be safe from 'guest cyclone Nisarga,' saying 'we will get through this as well.'
The 52-year-old star put out a video on Twitter wherein he shared some guidelines by the BMC to keep safe amid the cyclone if it hits Mumbai.
The actor stars the video: "It is raining today in Mumbai, and we wait for this weather every year. But 2020, is a different and weird year and it has been bothering us every now and then ... We can't even enjoy the rains because of the year. With the rain showers cyclone has also seeped in..."
Hoping that the cyclone shouldn't hit Mumbai, the Bhool Bhulaiya actor continued, "If God wills... it is possible that the cyclone will not reach here, and there is a probability that the speed of the cyclone is not as much to hurt someone...."

"But if it comes here then, we the Mumbaikars will not be scared and we are prepared for our safety," he said.
Talking about the list the BMC has prepared, Akshay asked the people not to venture out of home, and not to go near the seashore.
"If you are outside, take shed under a secure place, don't take shed under a tree or weak buildings, if not needed switch off the cooking gas and electricity."
Akshay continues to add: "If you have plants in your balcony tie them tight or put it inside your house.. keep the candle, torch and snacks ready..and if any issue occurs, call on 1916 and ask help from BMC. Follow all the precautions and don't trust rumours, and without conforming don't forward information online."
Pointing to the most important thing, the actor urged the people not to be scared and stay strong. Akshay concluded by saying: "It's just a cyclone. If we act sensibly, this too shall pass."
Along with the post, Akshay noted: "The much-awaited Mumbai rains are here but this year we have an uninvited guest, #CycloneNisarga! In case it does hit us, here are some precautions shared by @mybmc, we will get through this as well. Praying for everyone's well-being" with a folded hands emoji. (ANI)